Senora C, Christmas Character.

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Senora C is the character and business name of one Melissa Brian of Taos New Mexico. Her so-called business revolves around a lovable Christmas mascot that is described to be a sort of Native American Ms Santa.

What this really turns out to be is a bizarre front for a much more sinister activity. Mrs Brian is a woman who apparently has some serious mental issues and has a strong desire to harass people, call the police on people and sue them for "billions" of dollars for perceived slights. She systematically calls attention to herself by dressing strangely and behaving foolishly. For example she will enter local parades dressed up in her Christmas get up. Then if people laugh at this she loses her temper and starts hurling threats. She really excels at this behavior on the Internet where time and time again she make strange sounding proclamations, like that she plans to purchase Facebook and "set it right." Then if people react with levity to this she stalks them, threatens to drive to their homes to do violence and publishes their addresses and phone numbers asking for other people to "take care of them."

Ms Brian has been doing to for a number of years. Using her "business" as a cover she seems to only be concerned with harassing and stalking people. I would watch out for this one and never do business with Melissa Brian or any business called Senora C. If you do, even with the right intentions you may find yourself stalked, harassed, reported to your local police department as a stalker, sued, issued a restraining order or reported to the FBI. Do no communicate with her.

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I have actually run into this individual.She is well known around the Taos New Mexico area.

She has been known to pull guns on people at historic reenactment events. She tell folks that she's related to Billy the Kid and married to him too.

I don't know how that works but she is also related to everyone in history and everyone famous today.If you mention any star's name she will respond "I'm their cousin" and get angry if anyone snickers.


She sure does get around! :eek



Steer clear of that one!

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